Barry Bonds lives in a wonderland. His recent “press conference” proves what he is all about. His rants about the media and “fiction” is going to burn him down. For starters, he taunted the very tool that can either make or break him. The media will be all over him when things start going south.

Prediction1: Barry will lose weight this and next season.
Prediction2: Barry will get hurt more.

Complaint1: Barry should lose the armour from his elbow. He crowds that plate without fear when using that thing.

Barry did say something that holds true. He said that steroids can’t make you a better hitter mechanically or technically. Correct. Barry has been a good hitter even before getting big. He just got gained power after his alleged steroid boost.


We recently sold our home (by owner). It wasn’t a worry free process, but a task that can be accomplished by anyone. Selling a home is not difficult. There are many resources available to guide you through the preparation, showing, and contract process. It takes some work, but in the end you save $$ in agent fees.

Selling a home is an honest process and when 2 eager parties come together they can make it happen. If you enter into the process thinking you are going to get the best of the other, don’t even start. You won’t swindle anyone. Do your homework and expect that your buyers have done theirs. There is a small window of price variance which is sandwiched in the market values of homes. The 2 parties can come to an agreement.

Also remember to not take anything personal when it comes to your house. People have different tastes and needs for what they look for in a house.

Shaving… something we men have to do from time to time. Whether it be your face or back, it must be done. I am not a heavy beard guy like Uday or anything. I don’t get a 9am shadow or a 5o’clock shadow for that matter. My shadow appears about 3 days later and even then I am years away from being an Amish elder.

So I shave… I have been using the disposable 2 blade lubristrip without complaint, but recently I tried using a new razor. I got a sample or something in mail and kept in the back of the cabinet.

The other day, I ran out of the disposables and used the Gillette Mach3. This thing is incredible. I would venture a guess that NASA invented this device. It has 4 blades with 2 strips of lubrication and a pivoting head. This thing glides across the face taking away everything in its path. It’s great! That’s all.