My four year old boy is like most his age. Messy, energetic, and trying figure out the world. Grubbin’ time is another issue. He blocks out the world while he eats.

We are trying to teach him table manners, but the venture is frustrating. We offer him all the utensils needd to complete the task, yet he continues to use his shirt as his napkin. I look over and watch him rake his gloppy hand on his shirt. I instruct him to put his napkin in his lap to simulate the wiping procedure (but on the pants… sort of). He doens’t buy into the plan. The napkin remains a lonely sole on the table while his shirt gets all the traffic.


Nothing funny comes to mind today. But I did submit a photo the channel 9 news and they used it on their 5pm weather broadcast. I guess that makes me “published” as a photo journalist. I am sending my resume to Hefner today.

Reminder to computer users: update your windows updates. be sure your virus software is up to date. and… install a spyware tool to check for adware/spyware (I like spybot, but there are others for free).

Blogger resurrected…

Thanks to Mike Bryant for inspiring me to bring back to life this idiotic (but addictive) use of the internet. Who wants to listen to what I have to say? Nobody really… I like to hear myself talk (or type).

Keep checking back. I will have something to say soon enough.