My random thoughts are becoming VERY random. It has been nearly a month since my last confession… thought. If I were the star of “Cast Away”, it would be a boring movie. Wilson would have left me.

Today’s topic… “information”

I work in the IT (Information Technology) field and it is my job to architect and support those systems that process information. We geeks often get confused with the Information Services folks. We are often one in the same but a true IS professional is not completely technical. IS people deal with the information and how it is passed along. This is boring. My point…

We all want information and we want it NOW! And we want it accurate. We base our decisions off of the information received. For example: The weather, do I need my rubbers? The Chiefs score, do I need get therapy?

Collecting information is very important. The info must be accurate and consistent. Databases do this very well. The speed of collecting information is still a very human labor oriented task. Automation does not always fit the application. People man phones and type into forms into databases. Web pages collect data from the info you enter.

Processing… Information as it relates to your job is very important. If you understand how to crunch large amounts of data, you can make better decisions in your job. For example: many people recieve reports in paper form and quite often with the green line paper (bleagh!). If that same report was sent in Excel format, you could manipulate the data and summarize totals quickly and efficiently. Seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people don’t know how to use Excel etc..

Presenting information can come in many different ways. The final report can be posted on the Intranet, sent through email, and worse printed and distributed.

My point again… Collect information, Process information, Present information. Each of these steps have their caveats or better yet, lack of user education on using the tools but very important and helpful.