Corporate Survialist (Coffee)

It shouldn’t have to be said that if you are the one who empties the pot, you must replenish the pot. Too many people leave that pot empty, burning, and stinky. As a survivalist in the corporate world you must remember that by filling the pot, you will avoid being the target of the support staff. They will blackball you when you need more copies, or staples. It goes without saying. Your mother does not work here (in most cases). Coffee making is something that is not taught in our higher institutions but it is certainly an acquired skill. Hours of studying and buzzed from caffeine were the result of you making a pot of coffee (unless you hung out at IHOP or Denny’s to study). It is an important skill. Use it to your advantage.


Casy Martin cont…

I must apologize if I sounded insensative with regard to Casey Martin’s case. I am not trying to knock anyone who has a disability. If I were the PGA president and in charge of making the decision, I would take a poll of the players and ask what they thought. If they thought it would be fine to compete (which is the general consensus with younger players) with Casey using a cart then I would permit it. That’s it. ‘Nuff Said. We (the PGA) will handle future cart claims on an individual basis. Note: I am making my decision on common sense devoid of legal precedent. Legal matters are what cloud this and many issues. I will leave that to the powder wig guys.

Casey Martin

Ok Casey. You want to play golf? Fine. Play golf. The problem is that you wish to play golf under the Rules of the PGA which has stated that you must walk the course and can’t play while using a cart. The PGA would change their mind if you were better than you are. The truth is that you are not that good. If you won EVERY tournament at the lower level (while using a cart), I would speculate that the PGA might make the exception. You are not that good, thus people don’t want to watch you play.

Another idea… instead of using a cart, hire 2 caddies and have them carry you to each shot much the same way Cleopatra travelled (grapes not included). Problem solved.

Occasionally I encounter interesting and sometimes funny little events that occur while at work. I like to call them, “Corporate Survivalist” tips. These tips (in the coming blogs) will illustrate how to better handle yourself in the corporate world. These tips come by way of my own experience or my observed experience on others.

Here goes… One day I was in the ‘library’ at the end of the hall. (The Library that comes standard with stand up stalls and private reading partitions. Equipped with my palm pilot, pager, and cell phone I was definitely “in reach”. I proceeded to conduct business when someone entered, “returned a book”, and quickly exited. As that person exited, that person proceeded to turn off of the library light. We all know that light is essential to reading. Well,,, light is essential to “closing ones book” and exiting the facility. I managed to “gather my materials” in the darkness (SOLID DARKNESS), but could not manage to find my way out. AHA!!!! “My pager.” I thought to myself. I used my pager light (indiglo like feature) to illuminate my way to the door. Believe it or not, that light is quite powerful and cuts pitch blackness rather effectively. I made my way out and felt rather proud of my craftiness.

Corporate Survival tactic #1: If you don’t have a flashlight, be sure that your batteries in your pager are working.

Don’t get caught in the library with your pants down.


Establishing direction – developing both a vision of the future and strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision.

Aligning people – communicating the vision by words and deeds to all those whose cooperation may be needed to achieve the vision.

Motivating and inspiring – helping people energize themselves to overcome political, bureaucratic, and resource barriers to change.

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Software ownership…

Did you know that you don’t directly own the software on your home PC? I am referring to your Operating System… Windows 95, Windows98, Windows ME, or Windows NT, or even Windows 2K that was pre-installed on your home system at purchase. Who owns it??? Your PC owns the software. Your PC is licensed with that operating system. I guess you indirectly own the software. When the day comes that you let go of your 486 PC and sell it (God Forbid) or donate to a charitable cause (Church or School) you must relinquish the OpSys software and the license. The license must remain with that PC.

This is not to say that you can’t walk into Best Buy and purchase Win2K Professional off of the shelf and install it. In this case, you DO own the software and you can keep it. Be careful though. Purchasing an OS may not be the best choice for your system. Many PC manufacturers sell their computers with special drivers for the hardware. The “off the shelf” OS may not work immediately without some tweaking of the drivers. This is where you local computer professional or your geeky relative come into play.

If you are interested in using another operating system other than Windows, try using a Linux operating system. There are many flavors of Linux and they are much harder to install and configure. If all your PC is used for is the internet, email, and word processing Linux will work perfectly for you. It is all free via download. You can purchase Linux and you will often see it being advertised, but you don’t need to buy it. Go visit any of the Linux websites and you can download. WWW.LINUXLOOKUP.COM has all of the different Linux versions available for download.

See Ya.