Decorative soaps

Lovely little trinkets aren’t they? Decorative soaps. Those small, sometimes large, blobs of molded waxy scent that just sit looking pretty. They don’t really serve any purpose other than to just “be”. I especially love it when the soap matches the furry toilet cover. One should not use the decorative soaps for washing, but rather use the other more practical soap(s) that SHOULD be nearby. If all is well, the handy liquid soap dispenser should be present, or maybe a bar with an inscribed logo of a major name. The utility soap is usually sitting in a practical dish. A dish that has been gummed up with previous visitors. Not decorative soaps, they usually sit on a proverbial pillow of satin.

How many times have you finished your business and placed your now unfit hands under the water (a reflex after a bathroom visit) and noticed there are ONLY decorative soaps within reach. Admit it. This has happened to you. You pause and think whether it is wrong or right to use the rose-shaped soap. There is a split second that you ponder the implications. You have two choices. 1. You simply rinse in the water and leave the decorative soap alone. or 2. You soil the decorative soap leaving a path of gooey destruction behind. Should there be a social penalty for using the decorative soaps? Worse yet… should the host or hostess be exiled from the party circle of friends? Never attend a party at their house again? Banished!

So what… you soiled the decorative soap. Big deal. Rinse your hands and be on your merry way.

Do you dry your hands on the DECORATIVE TOWELS?


Being a manager

It has been 10 days since my last “daily thought”. …but I have been thinking. I think a lot. I have ideas all the time. One thought I have had is not being a manager. I don’t want to be a manager at work. I don’t want to deal with employee problems. I like doing my job and getting satisfaction from completion of tasks and projects. I think I could be an adequate manager, but I wouldn’t like to do it… thus hating my job.

What does it take to manage?…
1. Don’t play politics with other depts. Complete your assigned projects and earn the respect of the other departments in that manner.
2. Lead by example. Don’t do one thing and turn around and contradict yourself by doing the opposite. Practice what you preach to your employees. They will respect you more and stay on course of your philosophy.
3. Motivate your employees. They are not perfect. Your only communication with them should not be “ass chewing”, but positive criticism and reinforcement. Employees make mistakes so be prepared to deal with those mistakes by helping to prevent any future mistakes. Humans are capable of learning.
4. Sometimes you must build a wall between you and employees. You can’t always be their friend… sometimes you can. You can be a good person and treat them with respect and not know every personal thing about them. The division betwixt manager and employee is sometimes necessary. Employees don’t always agree with management decisions, but they can respect the decision and still do their job effectively.
5. Plan… Direct… and FOLLOWUP. As a manager, you WILL delegate tasks. As a manager, you are ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for the task to get finished. Employees are the extension of the manager. Direct them to the task as if you would perform the task or approve any variations before the task is completed. A manager reporting a project to higher ups can’t blame his/her employees for failed tasks. The manager is responsible.
6. Fight for your employees. Human Resources has rules, but those rules are often devoid of common sense. Help your employees get the compensation they deserve for a job well done. Help your employees find the company resources they need to better their benefits usage (credit unions, tuition assistance, discounts, etc.).

With all the above comments… I do understand the complications to make it all work. I do understand that you inherit bad employees and problems from previous managers. I understand. It is because I understand that I don’t want to be a manager.

A brush with greatness…

Today I breathed the same air as a former baseball great. I ate charred bacon from the same skillet as a member of the 3000 hit club ate his charred bacon. Today, a left-handed power hitting 3rd baseman said, “excume me” as he passed by. I saw George Brett today while out to lunch at The Peanut (50th and Main). He was relaxing, I guess. He was hanging out playing cards with friends. He actually had to wait for a table… and he graciously waited for his table. He is cool.

I can remember those days when George played. The matted sweaty hair. The gooey tar bat. His taped bare hands (no batting glove). I was at the game that afternoon when he hit the .401 mark. I was 10. He was God. He stood there on 2nd base to a standing ovation. He removed his helmut and raised his arm. I still get chills thinking about that day.

I saw George Brett today.


Technolitics (tech-nawl-i-tics)

This is a term I am trying to coin. I have done some searching on the Internet and it does not appear anywhere.


The art or science of technology usage, especially the discussions surrounding major technology platforms (Microsoft or Novell)

The activities or affairs engaged in by an Information Technology professional. The methods or tactics involved in managing a platform of technology.


When discussing a particular technology (Microsoft NT or Novell Netware), you are conforming to a particular strategy. If Novell and Microsoft were a “2-party system”, the Linux would a group of independents.